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The Next Generation Data Scientist

Gartner recently released their  'Top 10 Data & Analytics Trends for 2020' where they stated that "the collision of data and analytics will increase interaction and collaboration between historically separate data and analytics roles. This impacts...


ATCx Poland 2020 - Wykorzystanie pakietu HyperWorks w biomechanice i inżynierii mechanicznej - Dr inż. Łukasz Mazurkiewicz, WAT

Praktyczne wykorzystanie HyperWorks. Prezentacja przedstawiciela WAT, dr inż. Łukasza Mazurkiewicza


ATCx Poland 2020 - Composite Optimization in OptiStruct - Demo

A demonstration about Composite Optimization in OptiStruct presented by Panagiotis Natsiavas, Technical Coordinator, Eastern Europe, Altair


ATCx Poland 2020 - HyperWorks - Mateusz Lukasik, Inżynier CAE, Blackcad Engineering GmbH

Wykorzystanie HyperWorks oraz Altair Inspire w optymalizacji topologicznej oraz analiz wytrzymałościowych w procesie projektowania elementów wykonanych z tworzyw sztucznych wzmocnionych włóknami - Mateusz Lukasik, Inżynier CAE, Blackcad Engineeri...


ATCx Poland 2020 - Analizy Drgań za pomocą programów z pakietu Altair HyperWorks

Prezentacja omawiająca analizy drgań z HyperWorks, przedstawiona przez dr Grzegorza Wiśniewskiego z DesArt


ATCx Poland 2020 - Welcome and Opening

A welcome address to Altair's ATCx Poland virtual event hosted in 2020, presented by Pawel Sadowski, Software Sales Director, DesArt


ATCx Poland 2020 - Aerospace Model Build Tools - Demo

Demonstration with the Altair Aerospace Model Build Tools presented by Arnaud Stauffer, Program Manager Aerospace And Marine, Altair


ATCx Poland 2020 - Overview of Altair Solver Technology

An Overview of Altair Solver Technology presented by Lazaros Tsioraklidis, Chief of Technology, Altair


ATCx Poland 2020 - Summary and Closing 

Summary and Closing of the ATCx Poland 2020 presented by Pawel Sadowski, Software Sales Director, DesArt


ATCx Poland 2020 - Overview of Altair Aerospace Model Build Strategy

Overview of Altair Aerospace Model Build Strategy presented by Shan Nageswaran, VP, Aerospace, Marine and heavy industry verticals, Altair


ATCx Poland 2020 - Altair Vision and Industry Trends

A welcome address to Altair's Vision and Industry Trends presented by Kimon Afsaridis, Managing Director - Eastern Europe, Altair


S-Life Plastics Product Datasheet

S-Life-Plastics is an easy-to-use software that conducts a short-term, long-term and fatigue strength assessment based on FEA results for plastic components made out of unreinforced or reinforced thermoplastic materials.


AlphaCell User Testimonials

See what users have to say about their experience with AlphaCell.

Customer Stories, Customer Testimonials

Guide to Using Data Analytics to Prevent Financial Fraud

Financial fraud takes countless forms and involves many different aspects of business including; insurance and government benefit claims, retail returns, credit card purchases, under and misreporting of tax information, and mortgage and consumer loan applications.


Introduction to Altair Software Asset Optimization

Alhad Joshi provides an introduction to software asset optimization with Altair and how it yields significant efficiency and savings benefits for your organization.


Altair Vision and Industry Trends - Kimon

Altair Vision and Industry Trends
Presentation from the ATCx Poland 2020

ATC Presentations, Videos

PBS Works Technology Day Workshop

The aim is to equip our valued customers with sufficient knowledge to take care of their daily System Administration task. Learn how you can accelerate your HPC and improve resource utilization with industry-leading workload Management system Alta...



ATCx Poland 2020 presented by Channel Partner DesArt


Vehicle Dynamics Simulation with ChassisSim

An example of how the optimum car setup is key, on the 2nd round of the 2020 Austrian Grand Prix of Formula 2, the difference between the 1st place and 3rd place in qualify was 0.085s. In an environment where every single point matter, the use of ...

Technical Papers

Electric Vehicles Case Study - World Time Attack

Is an all electric time attack challenge contender viable and what would it look like? Find out in ChassisSim's All Electric World Time Attack challenger study.

White Papers

AFDEX V20R01 Release Notes

This document talks about the latest changes in the newest version of AFDEX for APA users.


Monarch Spotlight Series - Data Snacks: Building Models with Data Prep Studio (DPS)

The newest release of Monarch makes it even easier to build or adjust your models using our Data Prep Studio. From our improved engine version to automatically align your messy data to our Hit Map and Report Verify to ensure your data is being cap...


Saving Time and Money with NovaFlow&Solid

Learn how Automotive Components Floby (AC Floby) saves time and money using NovaFlow&Solid.

Customer Stories

Advance Asset Maintenance Strategies with Predictive Analytics

Predictive maintenance provides a proactive solution to monitor equipment health and predict failures. It enables organizations to avoid machine failures and unplanned downtime, increase equipment and production line productivity, reduce maintenan...


Real-time Risk Monitoring in Electronic Trading Environments with Panopticon

On the buy-side, risk monitoring helps portfolio managers formulate new strategies for assessing performance. On the sell-side, the same tools enable traders and managers to monitor and analyze all aspects of risk throughout the trading day. Regar...

Use Cases

Data-Driven Strategy to Transform Warranty Process

Warranty claims contain valuable information about product quality and reliability, customer expectations, and can reveal design or manufacturing defects. The proper utilization of this data enables manufacturers to make improvements to existing p...


Antenna Optimization & Virtual Test Drive Platform

Next generation vehicles brings increased complexity and a need for more connectivity. Altair Feko™ solution for antenna optimization and Virtual Test Drive platform is the key to developing new products to support connectivity ecosystems. And Alt...


Integration of Requirements Management with Electric Motor Design

Phoenix Integration is a recently added member of the Altair Partner Alliance. Its product ModelCenter can create complex, fully automated simulation workflows and link these against Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) models. These typically d...


Automated Machine Learning Streamlines Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis is critically important to the ongoing success of any manufactured product. Detecting design defects, raw material problems, build issues, and quality control shortfalls as early as possible fosters continuous product improveme...


EDEM simulation of Food processing Extruder

This video was part of a project with Micron, where EDEM was used to model a food processing extruder. Using EDEM software it was possible to simulate how the material turns into a solid under high compression at the extruder nozzle. In addition, ...

Use Cases

EDEM simulation of Tablet Coating

The EDEM Application Programming Interface (API) is used to create custom contact models and properties to simulate tablet coating process. The video demonstrates how EDEM can be used as a predictive tool to perform virtual testing and investigate...

Use Cases

Using Altair Software for Process Manufacturing

Watch examples of applications of Altair EDEM in the pharmaceutical, food, chemicals and additive manufacturing industries.

EDEM software, powered by the Discrete Element Method (DEM), enables companies to accurately simulate and analyze the behavior of bulk solids, providing key informatio

Use Cases

EDEM simulation of Powder Raking in Additive Manufacturing

This simulation models over 8 million particles of less than 0.3mm in size. Large amounts of tiny particles are common in Additive Manufacturing applications. This video shows powder raking and how EDEM tools can be used to analyze voidage, partic...

Use Cases

EDEM simulation of Hopper Discharge for Powders

This video shows the analysis of the hopper discharge process for powders. EDEM allows coloring the powders by layers, velocity and residence time. Additionally, the set-up of bins enables collecting, extracting and plotting data such as mass flow...

Use Cases

EDEM simulation of Wet Mixing - Liquid Transfer in a Drum Mixer

In this example, EDEM’s Application Programming Interface (API) can be used to introduce custom physics to the simulation, allowing particles to have a liquid content. Here, particles with a water content are added into a mixer containing powder. ...

Use Cases

EDEM simulation of Powder Mixing in High Shear Granulator

The video presents how EDEM can be used to analyze the mixing efficiency within a High Shear Granulator filled with 10 million particles. In this example, the mixing process of two powders with different particle size is shown. EDEM allows to visu...

Use Cases

EDEM simulation of Screw Auger handling Powders

This video compares the behavior of two different powders in a screw auger – one of the powders being highly cohesive and the other one free flowing. EDEM provides key insight into the discharge of the hopper, the compressive force acting on the p...

Use Cases

EDEM simulation of Die Filling for Pharmaceutical Powders

This video shows the analysis of the feed frame for the die filling process for pharmaceutical powders. EDEM allows the use of colors to differentiate powders by type, velocity and residence time. Additionally, the set-up of bins enables collectin...

Use Cases

EDEM simulation of Tablet Compaction

In this video EDEM is used to simulate and analyze a tablet compaction process, using the Edinburgh Elasto-Plastic Adhesion contact model (EEPA) to capture the complex behavior of the powders. EDEM enables users to obtain key micro-mechanical info...

Use Cases

EDEM simulation of a Pin Mill

Pin mills are widely used across many industries to comminute bulk solids like chemicals, sugar, herbicides and resins. In this video EDEM is used to simulate and analyze material size reduction in a pin mill, using the Tavares Breakage Model to a...

Use Cases
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