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Frontloading with Simulation at the Designer's Desk

Discover how to reduce product development time with Altair SimSolid, a new technology to analyze the structural performance of complex assemblies that operates on original, un-simplified CAD geometry directly.

Use Cases

Applications of EDEM for agricultural machinery design

This eBook discusses the challenges linked to working with crops, grains and soils. It introduces EDEM -granular material simulation software- and goes through examples of applications including combine harvesters, tillage tools, seeder equipment,...


Using Altair Software for Simulation-driven Design

The widespread adoption of Altair SimSolid™ has enabled customers to accurately test more ideas during each design iteration. Altair Inspire™ was the first tool to democratize topology optimization. Altair Inspire now embeds the speed and accuracy...

Use Cases

Using Altair Software for Structures

Altair offers industry-leading engineering analysis and optimization tools from simulation-driven design concepts to detailed virtual product validation, and simplified modeling workflows to advanced high-fidelity model building. Whether big or sm...

Use Cases

Using Altair Software for Electromagnetics

Altair software is used across industries to solve a broad range of electromagnetic problems from static to low and high frequencies. Whether your application requires multiple frequency and time-domain techniques with true hybridization to enable...

Use Cases

Using Altair Pollex for Electronic Design Automation

PollEx transfers data flawlessly between the industry’s most popular ECAD and simulation tools and enables many of the world’s major electronics corporations to quickly visualize and review PCB designs.

Use Cases

Using Altair Software for Multiphysics

Altair provides an industry-leading portfolio of multiphysics-enabled software to simulate a wide range of interacting physical models including fluid-structure interaction, flexible bodies, aeroacoustics, and thermomechanical simulation. Together...

Use Cases

Using Altair Software for Manufacturing

Altair offers a unique set of simulation tools to evaluate product feasibility, optimize the manufacturing process, and run virtual try-outs for many traditional, subtractive, and additive manufacturing processes. Users can validate designs early ...

Use Cases

Using Altair Software for System Modeling

Altair model-based development tools drive fast development for smarter connected systems. Altair customers simulate complex products as systems-of-systems throughout their entire development cycle. Explore more by combining mechanical models with...

Use Cases

A Nose Cone for Winning: ARUS Andalucía Racing Team Improves Impact Characteristics of Formula SAE Car

When Ana Casares Crespo, a former member of the ARUS Andalucía Racing team from University Seville in Spain, was looking for a final degree project, the team was inspired by the capabilities of Altair’s software. They came up with the idea to impr...

Customer Stories

Powerful and Easy-to-Use Solution for Bolted and Screwed Joint Analysis

Cobra addresses complex bolted and screwed joints with critical safety and security issues. The software enables designs to be tested quickly and rigorously to prevent failures and extend service life, in line with the VDI2230 standard. In contras...


Training - CFD-Thermal Analysis Of Complex Systems Using SimLab ST

This is an introductory session on SimLab for CFD and multi-physics simulation using Acusolve. A combination of lectures and exercises explain the modelling and physics setup of for complex assemblies. Leveraging on Altair Structural (OptiStruct)...

Training Materials, Webinars

Driving Design with Integrated Simulation Solutions

Effectively driving system-level design with simulation requires that all your simulation solutions work well together. Bringing simulation activities out of their traditional silos into a common environment demands more than simply exchanging models and results between disparate applications.


Faster Fluids and Thermal Exploration

Learn how Altair’s flexible and efficient CFD solvers pave the way for simulation-based design in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics.


Continuous Intelligence and the Smart Factory

The presentation will go through a scenario of a smart factory (along the lines of the Industry 4.0 initiative) where a chemical process within a pharmaceutical company produces a substance critical to the production of medications.


SimSolid simulation at the speed of design

Simulation has its greatest impact when done early and often in the design process. Now, SimSolid is reimagining how simulation-driven design is performed.


EM and EDA, from Concept to Production

Altair’s portfolio of simulation-driven design solutions covers – amongst many other disciplines – electromagnetics (EM) and electronic design automation (EDA).


Optimization-enabled Structural and Multiphysics Analysis

Simulation-driven design powered by topology optimization was created by OptiStruct over two decades ago. Its success has changed the CAE/CAD industry as today all vendors have embraced this trend.


Run Faster, Make Friends and Embrace the Power - HyperWorks Unlimited HPC Appliances

If you want to supercharge your throughput, spend your days making radical improvements and work confidently from an easy-to-use browser - have we got a show for you! Begin the journey to lead your people to triumph and glory as you learn about th...


Altair SimLab Real World Multiphysics Solutions

More and more engineers need to solve problems that can span multiple physics including structural, thermal, electromagnetics, and fluid dynamics.


Solving the Design Paradox

Full evaluation of a design concept requires the definition of many complex details. However, complex geometric details constrain design flexibility.


Introducing Altair Units

More than 20 years ago, we revolutionized how engineers and organizations accessed our leading simulation software with HyperWorks Units - a groundbreaking value-based licensing system.


(Smart) Product Development

The benefits of launching a smart product line are unquestioned – recurring revenue, data-driven product decisions, post-launch feature updates, new user experiences, and many more –


Altair One – Enable Innovation at Scale

In today's digital economy, survival and success of an organization is contingent upon the ability to digitize their business and harness the power of data to forecast the future and drive innovation across the board.

ATC Presentations

Harness The Power of Machine Learning While Building Trust Using Explainable Predictive Analytics

This presentation is about making machine learning models and their decisions interpretable, and why it's important and valuable.

Videos, Webinars

Granular Materials Simulation for Process and Equipment Design

The world is full of bulk and granular materials. From ores being mined, soil being excavated, rocks being conveyed, or powders being processed - over 70% of all industrial processes involve the handling or processing of these challenging material...


Driving Design from Concept to Manufacturing with Inspire

Altair Inspire has rapidly advanced from a topology optimization tool for designers to a design environment spanning industrial design, structural simulation and optimization, motion analysis and manufacturing simulation.


Altair Feko - Component Library

The latest release of Altair Feko, Altair's tool for wide range of applications in electromagnetic engineering including antenna design and placement, now include a comprehensive component library.

Use Cases

Harnessing Smart Factory Data for Maximum Value and Reduced Risk

Increase shop floor efficiency by identifying hidden anomalies and delivering insights for next-level monitoring and maintenance of manufacturing assets. Explore how Altair enables enterprises to leverage operational data throughout the complete d...


Altair Knowledge Studio and Panopticon - Use Machine Learning in a Smart Factory Process Manufacturing

This short video demostrates machine learning applied to a manufacturing workflow for an organic sythesis process. Altair Knowledge Studio - Altair's solution for advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence - is used in combination with ...

Use Cases

Altair Feko - Use Machine Learning to Optimize Antenna Placement in Virtual Test Scenario

This short video demonstrates how to utilize the machine learning algorithms in Altair HyperStudy coupled with Feko's antenna placement functionality to generate a virtual test scenario and optimize the placement of an antenna.

Use Cases

Mechatronics Innovations Using Altair Math & System Tools

Winning the innovation race for mechatronics products requires a tool set which can support a multi-disciplinary development process from early concept design up to in-service support.


(Re) Introducing HyperWorks

The 2020 release of HyperWorks is the most significant release in our history.


Altair Access - Leverage HPC while Working Remotely

Altair Access helps you leverage high-performance computing (HPC) anywhere and from any device. The latest release of the software includes exciting feature updates that make working from home easier than ever. It’s a simple, powerful, and consist...

Use Cases

Altair FluxMotor - Thermal Design, Test, and NVH Evaluation

The latest release of FluxMotor, Altair's software product for electric machines design, adds several functionalities in the area of thermal design, test, and NVH evaluation. This short video illustrates some of the major updates.

Use Cases

Altair Pollex - Design Review and Analysis of Printed Circuit Boards with PCB Modeler

Altair PollEx is the most comprehensive and integrated set of PCB design viewing, analysis and verification tools in the market for electrical, electronics and manufacturing engineers. Utilizing the PCB Modeler, users can quickly view and explore ...

Use Cases

Altair Pollex - Check the Quality of Designs with Rule-based PCB Verification Tool

Altair PollEx is the most comprehensive and integrated set of PCB design viewing, analysis and verification tools in the market for electrical, electronics and manufacturing engineers. It includes a powerful set of PCB design verification tools fo...

Use Cases

Altair Inspire - Unit Cell Lattice Generation

Altair Inspire includes the ability to generate lightweight, unit cell lattice structures for 3D printing. Unit cells can easily be edited, evaluating the structural performance of different design variants in moments.

Use Cases

Decision Making Under the “New Normal”

“Altair transforms design and decision making by applying simulation, machine learning and optimization throughout product lifecycles”. We envisioned and matured our platform to provide a helping hand in taking our customers through the digital tr...


Achieve Battery Thermal Management System Requirements using Altair CFD Solutions

The operating temperature of Li-ion batteries used in modern electric vehicles should be maintained within an allowable range to avoid thermal runaway and degradation. Poor thermal management affects the charging and discharging power, cycle life,...

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