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DateLocationEvent TypeDetails
03.06.2020-04.06.2020Online Altair Event Altair 2020 Global Experience
04.06.202010:00 am EDT Webinar Boost Speed and Accuracy of Your RF Microwave Component and Antenna Design
09.06.2020New York City Altair Event Altair Data Analytics Summit
10.06.202014:00 BST (15:00 CEST) Webinar Reduce PCB Design Reviews from Concept to Manufacturing
12.06.202010.00 Webinar Le Soluzioni Altair per il Settore Biomedicale
16.06.202010:00 am EDT Webinar The Benefits and Hurdles of Using Shot Sleeve Simulation - A Case Study of a BMW Clutch Housing
17.06.202010:00 am EDT Webinar FEA Analysis for Faster and More Accurate Shipbuilding
17.06.20209:00 - 15:30 CET/ Online Altair Event Virtual ATCx - Altair's Electromagnetic Day
17.06.202010:30 a.m. EDT I 9:30 a.m. CDT I 3:30 p.m. BST Webinar How To Achieve Optimized Trading Analytics
22.06.202017:00 CEST (Spanish) Webinar Modelado de procesos de fabricación farmacéutica mediante simulación de partículas
23.06.202014:00 - 15:00 Uhr Webinar Berücksichtigung von Multiphysikalischen Aspekten bei der Vorauslegung von E-Maschinen
23.06.2020-25.06.2020Virtual Altair Event Altair Data Analytics Summit - Virtual Global Event
24.06.202010:00 am EDT Webinar Powerful and Easy-to-Use Solution for Bolted and Secured Joint Analysis
24.06.2020-25.06.2020Bonn Industry Event 20. Internationaler VDI-Kongress "Dritev“
25.06.202010:00 A.M. EDT Webinar Electromagnetic Solutions for Accelerated Product Development of Aerospace and Defense Systems
30.06.2020Online Webinar Concevez vos moteurs électriques rapidement et efficacement grâce à FluxMotor 2020
30.06.202014:00 CET Webinar Concevez vos moteurs électriques rapidement et efficacement grâce à FluxMotor 2020
15.09.2020-19.09.2020Stuttgart Industry Event AMB - Internationale Ausstellung für Metallbearbeitung
05.10.2020-07.10.2020Online Altair Event 2020 Altair Technology Conference
25.10.2020-29.10.2020Auckland, New Zealand Industry Event CUG 2020
04.11.2020-06.11.2020Bad Salzuflen Industry Event FMB - Zuliefermesse Maschinenbau
05.11.2020-06.11.2020Square Brussels, Belgium Industry Event Materialise World Summit
10.11.2020-13.11.2020Frankfurt Industry Event Formnext 2020
17.11.2020-19.11.2020Bremen Industry Event Space Tech Expo Europe